Like a killer sandwich, your hardware needs to be properly assembled, wrapped up and delivered. Let SHI show you how easy your next rollout can be!

Your end-users have no idea how that tablet got in their hands … they’re just happy it arrived on time and ready to connect to your network! But you know delivering devices across your enterprise requires managing the logistics of many different vendors, technologies and geographic territories. So do we.

SHI’s warehouse configures and ships customized hardware to hundreds of customers every day. Whether it’s a tablet or laptop, phone or server, we provide tangible cost savings through logistical efficiencies every step of the way. Whether your rollout is small or large, simple or complex, “all at once” or staggered over time, SHI has a fully-customizable, scalable and managed solution that guarantees your technology is productive upon arrival.

What We Configure:

SHI will configure your entire system, from PC elements like memory, hard disks, monitors and standard images, to larger components like plug-and-play servers and racks. We also provide asset tagging, customized packaging and labeling services, if needed. Have parts or software from multiple manufacturers? Not a problem! We assemble and integrate multi-vendor networks with ease.

The SHI Integration Center:

  • ISO 9001-certified
  • 305,000 square feet
  • Capable of storing the equivalent of 260,000 desktops, 180,000 printers or 630,000 laptops at a given time
  • Capable of producing 3,500 systems/servers per day
  • 24-hour advanced security
  • Separate network to ensure security and disaster recovery
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Our Team Can Provide:

  • On-Demand Staff – Using our certified configuration experts, you can avoid additional overhead expenses, save on certification fees and allow your employees to spend their time on other projects.
  • Reduction of Operational Expenses – Although you can request additional dedicated space, the scale of our state-of-the-art Integration Center reduces configuration costs for ALL SHI customers.
  • Space Saving – Save on internal space and storage costs by letting SHI warehouse your equipment and deliver it as needed.
  • Expertise – Directly access our broad range of hardware, software and services experts.
  • Time – Reduce your total turnaround time by eliminating post-receipt customization, reducing DOA issues and decreasing shipping time by having us ship directly to end-user locations.

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