Cloud Climb Start Screen for Office 365

Have you ever lost a document or a SharePoint site? Start Screen is here to help.

The consolidated, single-view dashboard allows you to find and access all the information you care about, no matter where it lives in Office 365.

Start Screen features include:

Your Personal Dashboard

Your dashboard experience is completely unique to you. You’ll see everything you’ve worked on recently, what’s happening now and what’s coming up soon.

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Employee Directory

With the built-in Employee Directory, you can quickly find coworkers throughout your organization, access their contact information and immediately send an email or Skype message.

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Site Directory

All of your SharePoint sites and Office 365 Groups are stored in one place so you can always find that project or team site you were looking for.

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Application Directory

All your apps – at your fingertips! Customize your own list of links to cloud or on-premises applications.

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Start Screen Benefits

Increase Productivity

Have you ever dug through an email to find a link to a SharePoint site? Spent more than five minutes hunting for a site? Save all that time by navigating straight to your Start Screen!

Drive Adoption of Office 365

Users need to know how to use a tool – not just that it exists. The Start Screen teaches users how to locate recently used documents and sites, making them confident that nothing will get lost.

Unlock Capabilities

By closely integrating with nearly every component of Office 365, your users will gain awareness of features in the product they didn't know existed. This makes users happy and drives real ROI.

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