Asset Management

Everything you need to build an efficient and effective ITAM program.

Want to make managing your hardware and software assets simple and successful?

Enter Management Information Exchange (MIE), SHI’s comprehensive IT asset management platform designed for customer use.

MIE simplifies IT asset management by combining innovative approaches and interlocking modules on an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that lets you upload, store, aggregate and normalize ITAM data.

Complete Asset Management – in One Place

MIE’s wide array of reporting options and features include:

  • Hardware asset management
  • Software asset management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Integrated contract and lease management system
  • Integrated normalization engine
  • Integrated compliance rules engine
  • Internal request portal
  • And more!

Cloud-Hosted, Worry-Free

As a cloud-based platform, MIE means more flexibility and fewer headaches. With MIE, you experience:

  • No hardware to install or software to maintain
  • Easy collaboration across different business units and disperse geographies
  • Access to an updated compliance position as needed
  • A continuously improved platform
  • Ready access to SHI’s world-class IT Asset Management team

Why MIE?



Allows 24x7x365 reporting capabilities from anywhere in the world.



Features a completely customizable workflow and rules engine that accommodates your specific custom terms with publishers.



Inventory and purchases are processed as soon as they are collected, resulting in up-to-date reports with minimal lag.



Data is collected through secure HTTPS protocols.



SHI’s asset management experts ensure MIE is optimized for your specific needs and ensure data standards are met.



Enable transparency and collaboration across your enterprise, allowing everyone to view, work on and report from the same set of asset data.

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