Security breaches are more sophisticated, complex and frequent than ever before. Find out how SHI can help secure your organization.

A list of top five priorities made by CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and CMOs is likely to be as varied as their responsibilities and aptitudes. But one will be universal: IT Security.

Security breaches have become so commonplace that “when” has replaced “if” in the language of preparation for the next one. Since the average cost of a breach has risen to almost $4 million, your wallet (and your reputation) can’t afford it.

SHI believes the best way to ensure your IT Security posture remains strong is to follow the Address-Acquire-Adopt security lifecycle. We help you address your organization’s current security, acquire a successful security design and seamlessly adopt a security solution that fits your needs. Once in place, SHI can help continue to monitor your security position and recommend corrective action, when necessary.

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