Power and Cooling

Keep your data center as cool as you! Cut down on
operating costs and maximize your system’s efficiency
with SHI’s Power and Cooling Assessment.

Your technicians are constantly expanding, consolidating and/or virtualizing to keep your data centers secure and efficient. But how are you balancing your power needs while keeping all of that equipment cool? SHI’s Power and Cooling Assessment can help you streamline the process to save you cold, hard cash.

Our expert power and cooling team identifies problem areas in your network and discovers opportunities to improve overall efficiency. This increased efficiency cuts down on operating costs while also keeping you aligned with your project requirements, striking the perfect balance between your technical and budgetary needs.

Key Activities:

  • Ensure systems are correctly powered, protected
    and configured
  • Evaluate existing systems and infrastructure
  • Define objectives and technical requirements
  • Plan airflow management and cooling
  • Prepare for growth and evolving IT requirements
  • Manage servers and other devices from
    any location
  • Customize a solution to fit every application
  • Integrate components with existing systems

Solutions and Technologies Covered:

  • Rack and cooling
  • UPS systems and batteries
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • KVM, console and management
  • Cables and connectors

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